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Thursday, October 27 2016 @ 04:37 PM EDT

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Valley Angler
Valley Angler
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By Bill Thompson
    I am not ready to surrender yet, besides with all the snow who would see your white flag, but the snow is starting to get to me. I know good for the skiers, but not so good for those of us who shovel. Relief is on the way and spring is but a few short weeks away and for those who need a good dose of fly fishing the show season is just starting to gear up.

    The first show is the Fly Fish New Hampshire Show March 1st and 2ed. in Pelham. This show is hosted by The Pelham Fish & Game Club and the Merrimack River Trout Unlimited Chapter. It is hard to believe, but this is their 12th year and the North Country Angler has been there for 11 of those years. The show has the usual mix of fly shops, guides and outfitters, rod builders and fly tiers most from the Granit State. Unlike the big shows you have the chance to interact with the participants and pick their brains a little. It is always fun to learn a new fly tying technique or maybe learn about some new place to cast a fly.
    This year the show has an impressive lineup of speakers giving seminars ranging from fly casting to bugs. The show I want to catch is Ken Hastings’ entitled The Rockies to the Great North Woods; Ken is one of the top drift boat guides on the Connecticut and Androscoggin Rivers. New, this year there will be fly tying demonstrations by some of New Hampshire’s best tiers. The list includes Jim Norton, Tom Jutras, Jim Riccardi, Peggy Brenner, Angus Boezmon and the North Country Angler will be represented by Nate Hill and yours truly.
    The New Hampshire show is always a great event and worth the drive down to Pelham. A lot of people ask me where Pelham is and I always say: “right next to Salem”. Pelham is easy to find, but the gun club is a little off the beaten path so I recommend getting directions from either Merrimack River TU web site or the Pelham Gun Club’s site.  
    The second great show in March is the Western Maine Fly Fishing Show in Bethel Maine. The date for that show is March 22. This show is hosted by the Molly Ockett Trout Unlimited Chapter. This show is very much like the New Hampshire; however they do attract a number of artisans and bamboo rod makers and of course has a distinct Maine flavor. In addition to the show the Fly Fishing Film Tour will be shown in the evening. We will have more about this show as we come closer to the date and yes the North Country Angler will be there representing New Hampshire.
    Hope we see everyone at tonight’s Saco Valley Angler’s presentation of the Fly Fishing Film Tour at Tin Mountain Conservation Center in Albany.
See you on the river.

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