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Friday, April 18 2014 @ 07:32 AM EDT

When is Enough Enough?

Valley Angler

 Valley Angler
When is Enough an Enough?
By Bill Thompson


Occasionally someone will walk in the shop and wander around a few moments before I ask if I can help them. Once in a while they will answer: “Oh I ‘m just looking around, I don’t really need anything, I’ve got more fly fishing gear at home than you do in this shop”. Sometimes they will add the caveat “If my wife sees me bringing any more fishing tackle in the house she will kill me”. An old friend of mine, who happened to be a fly fishing sales rep always, had a quick answer for this: “Well”, he would say, “You can’t be a real fly fisherman; real fly fishermen never have enough stuff”. 

     Personally I would agree with my friend; you never really do have enough stuff if you’re a “real” fly fisherman. First off let’s face it things do wear out and need replacing. I finally replaced one of my reels this summer. It had just plain worn out from use. Now if you’re a fly fisherman you can see that there is a built in problem with replacing an old reel. No real fly fisherman is going to throw out the old reel. That old reel has a lot of sentimental meaning, I mean if it could talk it could tell a lot of great stories of big fish caught and lost. And so the old reel goes in the tackle closet adding to the mass.


    Fly rods are another thing altogether. Consider that rods come in fifteen different line weights; that by itself could cause one to own a minimum of fifteen rods, but factor in that rods come in different lengths as well. I am not much of a mathematician, but I am guessing that might add up to over a hundred different rods. Most of today’s anglers probably own graphite rods, however many still fish bamboo rods and fiberglass rods are making a huge comeback. So it is easy to see why someone might own several dozen fly rods and still have a need for a new one.

    I still have my first fly rod; an old fiberglass Diawa and like that old reel I would not part with it. I did take a look around my den the other day and had to admit I had amassed quite a few rods. Of course there are two anglers in our house, so at least half of those rods are Janet’s. On the other hand there are probably just as many rods stored at the shop. OK, I admit it I have an addiction, but I am not ready to go into rehab. A fellow once told me that his wife had complained that he had too many rods. His answer to her was: “Pretend their shoes”.   

    If you are a fly tier then you know that is an entirely different addiction and most likely to be the worse of them all. Tiers are always coming in the shop looking for some small item to complete the fly they are currently tying. They always have the same complaint: “No matter how much tying materials I have I never have the right thing to tie the fly I am tying now”. I can sympathize. I have a fly shop and I am always looking for something I don’t have.

    I have recently come to the conclusion that I may have a few things I could part with. To that end I have added a page on the shop’s web site that lists “previously loved” tackle for sale. There are a dozen or so items listed now with more to come. Maybe there is hope for me after all.

    See you on the river.   

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Authored by: Admin on Saturday, December 07 2013 @ 02:56 PM EST When is Enough Enough?

 Well said Bill.  I think all fly fisherman are pack rats with good cause, like you said that old stuff if it could talk would be full of stories.


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